Terms used in this section:
– “Subscriber” – each user, whether natural or legal person who has duly registered to use the services of and create profile;
P1. The person wishing to register should fill in real time the present on electronic form and declare consent with the General Conditions for services.
P2. Upon registration of an under-aged from 16 to 18, along with the agreement with the Terms and Conditions it must also be declared consent of the parent or guardian.
P3. In case of registration of a person under 14, the same must be accompanied by supervision of a parent / guardian to declare consent with the Terms. Persons under 14 have the right only to explore the site.
P4. The declaration of consent with Terms to use the services of is an electronic statement under the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature. By pressing “Send” button at the end of the registration form, the user agrees with them and undertakes to respect them. By confirmation of consent, all data subscribers are recorded and stored in electronic form and are used for identification on the web.
P5. The subscriber must provide complete and accurate data on required by Veni Group Ltd. Information and update it in case of change within 5 working days. The subscriber may at any time after registration edit their data.
P6. The subscriber, respectively the parent and guardian are fully responsible for providing false and / or incomplete data when filling out the electronic registration form.
P7. Legal persons may register as Subscribers to the services provided by Veni Group Ltd. personally by the manager or by an authorized representative of this.
P8. Veni Group Ltd. does not bear any responsibility for incorrect information provided by the subscriber in connection with the registration. In the case of establishment of such Veni Group Ltd may terminate immediately without notice registration of the subscriber, as well as access to use the services offered by Veni Group Ltd. shall not be liable if the subscriber suffers damage as a result of information provided by the subscriber username and password to access the database of to third parties.
P9. The subscriber, respectively parents and guardians bear full responsibility for any damage suffered by Veni Group Ltd and / or third parties as a result of providing false and / or incomplete information when registering and using the services of
P10. Veni Group Ltd. undertakes not to provide subscribers’ information to third parties, except as indicated below in this document for which the subscriber agrees to acceptance of these terms and conditions.
P11. Veni Group Ltd may use collected information for its own statistical surveys, advertising and offering of goods / services, own and / or trading partners, as well as promotions and surveys.
P12 By expressing agreement with Terms, the Subscriber declares consent information, given by him/her, to be used for direct marketing purposes. The subscriber is entitled in case of disagreement to express it explicitly by removing the check mark for sending e-mail from the site on their profile.
P13 Veni Group Ltd. has the right to provide personal information to the Subscriber at the request of state authorities under current legislation.
P14 By accepting the General Conditions for using the services of Subscriber agrees that the correspondence between him/her and representatives of Veni Group Ltd. may contain promotional material goods / services Veni Group Ltd and / or their trading partners.
P15 contract with a subscriber may be terminated in the following cases:
a) by mutual consent
b) at any time at the request of the subscriber
c) the provided General Conditions cases
d) suspension of activity Veni Group Ltd.

P16 termination becomes a written warning by sending an e-mail and / or letter with a return receipt.

P17 In the case of termination of the contract subscriber profile is closed, information shared by him/her and the password to access the database of are deleted.

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Delivery and supply conditions

Payment and terms of payment

F1. For all issues in this agreement existing legislation in Bulgaria is applied.
F2. In case of disputes Parties shall endeavor to voluntarily settle them by mutual agreement. Failing agreement, either party may refer the dispute to the competent authorities.
F3. General conditions can be modified at any time by Veni Group Ltd. Veni Group Ltd. has the right to change the characteristics of the services and these Terms and pursuant to changes in legislation. Veni Group Ltd. undertakes to notify the User about changes in the Terms and Conditions as prominently on its website publish a notice of any amendments thereto, and give sufficient time to become familiar with them.
F4. The coordinates of are the following:

Veni Group Ltd.
54 “Emil Dimitrov” str
Ninth District
For orders:
from 11:30 to 22:00
064/820 320
For reservation:
0885 08 48 64